Dentata Music Presents: COVEN

A series of dungeon synth, darkwave and witch house events
COVEN is a series of events on the darker range of the musical spectrum: darkwave, dungeon synth, witch house, athmospheric electronic, blackgaze and dark synth ambient. Dentata Music is dedicated to bringing you the most unique and diverse artists and acts.

Dark Synthesizer Music takes it roots from multiple sources. While darkwave has strong ties to industrial and goth music, genres like dungeon synth and some witch house streams take inspiration from black and doom metal. Blackgaze is a distant relative of shoegaze, and some dark electronic ambient are directly influenced by acoustic and metal drone acts. The link between modern dark synthesizer acts and dark metal acts is undeniable.

Witch house is an occult-themed dark electronic subgenre, that can be generally characterized by hip-hop inspired drum sounds, industrial and dark ambient noise soundscapes, use of reverberating synthesizers also known as hover synths, and ethereal vocals and samples drenched in heavy reverb. Visually, witch house can be inspired by occult and shamanist themes. 

In Coven series, Dentata Music brings you true gems of darker specter of synthesizer music: from goth/witch house acts like Ritualz to more ambient, hypnotic and drone-inspired acts.

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