Dentata Music Presents: WORMHOLE

A series of synthmetal, synthwave, dark synthwave and space rock events
WORMHOLE is a series of events dedicated to retro-synthwave, dark synthawave, synth rock/metal and space rock. Dentata Music is dedicated to bringing you the most unique and diverse artists and acts.

Musically, synthwave or retro-synthwave (sometimes also known as outrun) is inspired by the culture of 1980s and draws influences from films, video games, and cartoons, as well as composers like John Carpenter and bands like Tangerine Dream. Some streams of synthwave are mainly instrumental and are influenced by film scores, while others are influenced by 80s pop and include lyrics.  

Often, synthwave is inspired by retro-futuristic imagery, early science fiction, horror films and cyberpunk aesthetic, while combining retro-inspiration with modern production techniques. This is where synthwave crosses paths with genres like synthmetal and space rock, that often combine the sound representative of modern rock and metal with science-fiction inspired imagery and vintage synthesizer sounds.    

In Wormhole series, Dentata Music brings you true gems of retro-inspired synth music: from retro-synthwave and synth pop to synth rock/metal acts like Dance with the Dead and space rock.

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